The Pernikahan Beda Agama Perspektif Islam ; Analisis Hukum Keluarga Islam Minoritas Negara Thailand

Interfaith Marriage from Islamic Perspective; Analysis of Islamic Minority Family Law in Thailand


  • Ahmad Rizki Daulay UIN SUSKA RIAU



Keywords: Thailand, Marriage, Different Religions


Thailand is a country where Islam is a minority. Minority groups are sometimes involved in implementing policies in those communities, but sometimes they receive no voice at all. Generally, the majority group controls all policies implemented there. Thailand is a unique country, not only upholding the policy of holding traditional eastern weddings based on Thai cultural values, but also providing space for the unity of minority groups within the country. Minority marriages that occur in this country include the issue of interfaith marriages between Muslims and Buddhists. Islam is a religion that is guided by the Al-Qur'an and Hadith, interfaith marriages are prohibited because of differences in Aqeedah and harmony in marriage cannot be achieved. This research aims to determine interfaith marriages in the minority country of Thailand using normative research methods. The results of the research are that Thailand still has interfaith marriages, and interfaith marriages are haram or prohibited in Islam.